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Online face-to-face interactive learning.
Specialist online tutoring for children aged 10-18yrs from the comfort of your own home.

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We have used our industry and teaching experience to develop an online coding teaching and support service for children aged 10-18yrs. All our tutors are hand picked, monitored and trained to deliver the best possible service. 

Our online tutoring covers: 

  • Python Tutoring
  • HTLM Tutoring
  • Java Tutoring
  • Swift Tutoring
  • JavaScript Tutoring
  • Homework clinics
  • Classwork
  • Challenges
  • Best coding practices and concept
  • Improve computational thinking skills

Our expert programmes enable pupils to target individual needs and effortlessly collaborate with tutors in a safe virtual classroom.


You’re in Excellent hands 🙌

My son really liked Sapa tutor instructor and said he will be one of his best teachers for ever! The sessions were thorough, engaging and fun! I have been impressed at the level of their overall program and communication.
It has been a delight to watch the Sapa tutor build my daughters interest, understanding and confidence in coding at this early stage. I commend Sapa tutor for their excellent engagement and focus on coding skills of children. I will certainly use them again!
Am very pleased with the level of interest my children have shown in coding when they joined Sapa tutor .In fact they are always practising what they’ve been taught. Am grateful to the Sapa tutor. Kudos to you guys

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  • One-to-one tuition
  • Small-group learning
  • Easy to access
  • Routine & structure
  • Targeted Tutoring
  • No falling behind
  • Independent learning
  • Specialist tutors

Book a FREE Trial Session or Educational Assessment. Our Python, HTML, Swift, JavaScript and Java assessments are carefully structured to produce a hugely insightful picture of a child whatever their current ability. We make it simple for parents to understand and our partnership starts the very moment we share this.

This is the perfect opportunity to identify your child’s coding strengths and weaknesses and get them prepared for the future ahead of them.